My Fanfics

Hi all!! This is My Fanfiction page on my site. I only have two links on here because, I felt it was just a bit easier to link to the stories that I have posted on Fanfiction.Net
rather than every single time I update a story, to post the link to the chapter or chapters I have posted on there. It links to a total of 13 stories one link goes to my original page the other one goes to the joint stories I write with a friend of mine who also writes fanfiction. This is where you can read Emma Iveli's fanfiction: Emma Iveli's Fanfiction Stories.
I do hope you enjoy her stories, my stories and the two joint stories. Actually there are three joint stories between Emma and me They are: New Lives Galactic Guardians, New Lives Galactic Guardians A and Galactic Senshi. Please enjoy all 13 stories. A couple of stories weren't originally mine, they belong to another friend of mine. I posted them on my page to pay respect to her. I hope you enjoy those stories as well!



My Fanfiction Stories
New Lives Galactic Guardians S, New Lives Galactic Guardians A, & Galactic Senshi